My Name is Francisco Sanchez-- I grew up in the martial arts world inspired by my father at an early age. He introduced me to the code of ethics: discipline, commitment, and dedication. Now it is my legacy to transmit my lifestyle to you. Practicing Karate my entire life made me realize that there is a lot to learn about mobility and different types of training. After graduating high school, I engaged in various sports, learning different skills that motivated me to learn more about health and wellness.
Gymnastics allowed me to understand the concept of body weight training. The human body is meant to move, in any possible way. Practicing various forms of body weight training such as capoeira, yoga, pilates, animal flow allowed me to understand the neuromuscular connection between your mind and body. Going to the gym is essential, however, you shouldn't attempt to lift everything without understanding your own body.


Although movement is important in our daily life, that is only one hour of the day. What you do the rest of the day is even more important, such as nutrition. I learned that your body needs the proper nutrients in order to grow, increase energy, and basically be in the best shape possible. Following a strict nutrition may be challenging for many of us.


 Most recently, after 10 years of exploring and learning the trends in the fitness industry, I migrated to the United States from my home country of Ecuador with one intention: To share my knowledge and inspire others.


 Discipline, commitment, and character are essential traits that I learned from martial arts.

Join me in this new journey and learning experience to become the best version of yourself.