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SamuraiFT Life Style | Rockway NY

In life is all about BALANCE!! Just find the way to stay active, healthy and the most important thing mentally open to enjoy every second in this place call earth🌍 Be present, cause life is made of MEMORIES🙌 You have the power to create your own REALITY📽 Do you want to be part of our SamuraiFT Warrior Fitness Community?? Click here to learn more about our VIRTUAL STUDIO

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Calisthenics Workout in essence body-weight training

Calisthenics are exercises consisting of a variety of gross motor movements—running, standing, grasping, pushing, etc.—often performed rhythmically and generally without equipment or apparatus. They are, in essence, body-weight training. They are intended to increase body strength, body fitness, and flexibility, through movements such as pulling or pushing oneself up, bending, jumping, or swinging, using only one's body weight for resistance; usually conducted in concert with stretches.      When performed vigorously and with variety, calisthenics can provide the benefits of muscular and aerobic conditioning, in addition to improving psychomotor skills such as balance, agility and coordination.

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Muay Thai the most Brutal sport

This time sharing a training with a friend of mine Carlos Nunes. I'll be talking about his career and his martial art lifestyle. He is part of the TIGER MUAY THAI TEAM. In couple months he's gonna travel to Thailand to for new fight.       Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is the national sport and cultural martial art of Thailand. It was developed several hundreds of years ago as a form of close-combat that utilizes the entire body as a weapon. Today its definitive origins are debated by modern scholars, as much of the muay thai history was lost when the Burmese ransacked Ayudhaya, Siam’s capital city in Thailand, during the 14th century. Most written muya thai history...

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