Strengthen your Shoulders for your cardio Kickboxing | Increase Punching Power

The type of lifestyles we have today put us in physical positions that can cause our bodies to suffer by altering our physiology. As a group fitness coach, I often meet people suffering from shoulder or neck pain.

They are not always in bad physical condition. Most of the time they actually have great muscle mass but they have pain and wonder why. If you like to participate in group fitness classes such as bootcamp, pilates, yoga, and cycling, we have the answer for you! In these classes most of the movements are push and plank which means that over time this will modify your posture, generating relief in the shoulders and neck.

If you analyze the hours of driving, being on the phone, sitting at a desk or watching tv, you will realize why your shoulders are bothering you. In this section we will analyze the press overhead and the muscles involved. In our next video we will help you find balance so that you can alleviate your pain and be able to perform different activities. I hope you enjoy it!