Self-Defense Human Body Weak Spots

Even physically fit women may not prevail in a confrontation with a man that involves running or brute force. So don’t let him get the upper hand, but calmly and effectively go on the offensive by attacking him in areas that will hurt, with blows and kicks to the:

Nose: This is a very delicate area which when hit hard enough tends to bleeds. A strike to the nose can stun your attacker. When hit precisely, it can cause lot of pain, and make the eyes tear leading to a blurred vision. Combined with a blow to the ears or eyes, a blow on the nose can take your attacker down and give you time to escape.

Groin: This is probably the easiest male body-part for women to aim at, on their attacker's body. A firm strike with a quick knee raise, aimed squarely at the attackers genitals can cause a lot of pain, and even temporarily paralyze him.

Throat: Even a relatively weaker hit to the throat, can knock the wind out of your attacker. However do note that it takes some skill and practice to be able to aim a throat-attack perfectly. Usually a karate chop rather than a punch is more practical and effective.

Ears: The ears are sensitive body parts that can be hit in self-defense in order to disorient the enemy. The ear strike needs skill and practice to perfect. The basic technique involves slightly cupping both palms and simultaneously slapping both of your attacker's ears. This results in the creation of a concussive air wave that affects the enemy's eardrums.

Eyes: The eyes are one of the most basic of human sensory organs; they are also one of the most vulnerable. Poking hard, clawing, hitting, or spitting on the eyes is a good way to stop your attacker.


Make sure that these blows are hard, and yes, they work just as effectively on women. And in situations like these, biting is absolutely fair play, and effectively painful.