How to do a Jab Cross.

In martial arts there are hundreds of different types of strikes, the most common of which have been included here. Basic principles apply to all and it is important to understand these when perform a technique.

Every punch should be delivered with the whole body movement as this improves strength and power.

Key Principles

  • Relax and don't tense up.
  • Use the whole body by turning the hips into the punch.
  • Keep the chin tucked under.
  • Keep the non-punching hand close to the face to protect against counter-attacks.
  • Use combinations of punches as they are more effective.
  • After each punch, quickly return to the starting position.


Although the jab is not the most powerful punch, it is considered to be one of the most important because it can help keep an opponent away. It can also be used to set up other striking combination and defend against attacks.

The jab executed. The hand is totally turned, with the palm facing downwards and the chin tucked behind the shoulder of the punching hand. The non-punching hand is tight against the face to protect against counter-attack. The hips is turned into the jab to generate more power.


The Cross

The Right cross, also known as the straight right, is one of the most powerful knockout punches and can be used attack or counter-attack. The main benefit of using this strike as a counter-attack is the additional power gainer by the combination of the opponent's body weight coming forward to attack, with the cross action of the punch.

The cross executed. The punching hand is fully rotated with the palm facing downwards. The chin is tucked behind the shoulder of the punching hand and the non-punching hand is tight to the face to protect against counter-attacks. The hip is turned into the cross and the rear foot pivots to put the body weight behind the punch.