Why you should practice Martial Arts | SamuraiFT

Do this! Do that! 

Yes! We all do our best!

Lots of great info and research out there on how to achieve your best health! High on the list are routines like our SamuraiFT Class.

Exercise routines involving  interpersonal interaction have been correlated with increased health benefits and a longer life!

 The Copenhagen City Heart Study observed over 8,000 people who were followed for 25 years.  They found that the activities with more social interaction had the best longevity.  

Other studies have also shown similar results involving increased health benefits associated with workouts that are highly intensive and interactive.

And that is what we do! Our Samurai activities are making us more healthy in many ways AND  adding years to our LIVES!!!

  • High intensity interactive workouts! 
  • Socializing while we sweat!
  • Moving to the music!